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DIY #NeonIslandHalloween Costumes

Neon Island Clothing


Be the most adorable vision in pink with this fun Flamingo DIY!



To create the Flamingo Hat:

  1. You can use an old white visor or cut a paper plate in half like we did for the first part of the hat.
  2. Using old cereal boxes, cut out pieces to create your beak. Paint it in black.
  3. Create your eyes by cutting out black circles.
  4. Last but not least, cover your visor with some pink paper or pink feathers to transform into a sassy flamingo!



If you haven’t guessed it by now, here at Neon Island our favourite food group is Pizza!! Everyone is going to want a piece of you if you follow these quick instructions: 


  • White or Red Sweater ( Neon Island PIZZA sweater)
  • Large Cardboard
  • Red, Yellow, & Green pieces of colored paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue or Double Sided Tape  


  1. Draw a triangle on the cardboard that is the right size for your body and cut it out!
  2. Next cut out the yellow paper to make the base of your pizza. Don’t cover the entire piece of cardboard so that you will have a crust!
  3. Start cutting out your toppings! We used red paper to make pepperoni & green paper for some bell peppers!! Feel free to add mushrooms or olives to yours if thats what you desire! 
  4. Pair it with a cute sweater & some jeans and get ready to watch peoples mouth water as you pass by!





  1. Attach little pieces of ribbon to your green sweater to become the most huggable cactus ever.
  2. Using your pink japanese/crepe paper create 2 or three flowers for your costume and adhere them where desires! We recommend using safety pins or tape for extra staying power! Here’s a quick tutorial for the flowers.
  3. Throw on a brown skirt to complete the look!



In case you didn’t know, Carmen Miranda is the fruity tutti woman with a cocktail of fruit teetering on top of her head!! Keep reading to see you how you can easily recreate her look!



  1. Cut out and assemble your fruits then attach them to your turban with a glue gun, double sides tape, or safety pins!
  2. Throw on a sassy shade of red lipstick with your off shoulder top and samba the night away!


Remember to have fun with your Halloween costumes and feel free to tweak or add to our instructions! Don’t forget to post photos of your creations and share them with us by using our hashtag #NeonIslandHalloween or tagging us @neonisland!

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